Jill Leonard


Jill was a competitive tri-athlete for 10 years, completing the Coeur d’ Alene Ironman in 2006. Since then yoga has become an added passion. Jill began practicing yoga in the late 90’s and has never stopped. Yoga gave Jill not only a platform to combat continued muscular flare ups but a place to clear her head and find a peacefulness to take into her daily life. The physical side of yoga is a no brainer for Jill, the abundance of sweat, the continued quest to sculpt and strengthen and feel the best she possibly can. But yoga offers so much more than that. The mat gives Jill a place to slow down, appreciate and have gratitude for what she has in life. The practice of yoga allows Jill to focus on being present and patience with her ever evolving practice, and take that off the mat to be a more attentive mother to her 2 sons and 3 stepchildren, a thoughtful wife to her husband Cutter and a present friend!