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Founder’s Memberships are available until 8/14/2019! Call us today for our current promotions during our launch.

Call the studio in Del Mar today: 858-492-0441!

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Founders Perks Include:

  • The Lowest Rates Available
  • Guest Privileges
  • And Much More!

How It Works

VibeFlow Yoga is open now! It will be the FIRST high-capacity yoga studio using the ultra modern vibration technology COMBINED with traditional yoga!

Access to the Lowest Rates!

Founders will be eligible to join VibeFlow at the LOWEST rates that will EVER be offered at the One Paseo location! As long as you keep your membership active – your rate will never go up!

 VFY Schwag Pack

You love schwag. We love our founding members! To say thank you we got gifts. Lots of them.  Founders get a package of VFY goodies guaranteed to make your friends jealous! Just kidding. Maybe. 😉

About VibeFlow Yoga

Where Tradition Meets Technology

It’s Yoga. Only Better!

We love Yoga. All types. But it’s time for the value of the traditional, to pair with the benefits of technology!

Traditional Poses Simplified

Yoga can be intimidating. Especially if you are new to this exercise modality. We take the best poses from many styles. We simplify the instruction. We make Yoga accessible to new students, while challenging the enthusiast at the same time!

Vibration Technology

  • Increased Balance, Flexibility and Mental Awareness!
  • Increases strength & lean muscle…
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage…
  • Helps with Osteoporosis…
  • Decreases recovery time after intense exercise…
  • Decreased Joint & Back Pain…
  • Decreased Stress Hormone Cortisol…
  • Benefits for any age, and any fitness level that must be FELT to believe!

“It’s been forever since I have taken a yoga class that excited me!
-Crystal Lowrey

Get Your Body and Mind To Where You Want Them To Be With VibeFlow Yoga!

VibeFlow Yoga
12895 Paseo Village Way
Suite 1260
San Diego, CA 92130

858 . 492 . 0441

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