Ishmael Sonico


Ishmael’s yogi path began in 2009 when friends introduced him to a Vinyasa flow class. As a UCSD graduate in Chemical Engineering and then, working in the sometimes stressful field (as many jobs/occupations can be), the physical and philosophical teachings in yoga trained him to relax and become flexible to life events. Following certain life changing events of his own, the practice became an integral part of Ishmael’s routine, and in the spring of 2010, he completed his 200 plus hours of Teacher Training Certification. Since then, Ishmael has guided Vinyasa flow classes in corporate environments, parks, and various studios in the Bay Area and Southern California. Sharing Yoga leads to great things and that is where Ishmael found Vibe Flow Yoga, a place where he will continue to guide yoga and share positive energy through breath (prana) and yoga postures (asanas). Ishmael believes that peace can be found anywhere, even in this sometimes loud and quick paced confusion of life; yoga provides the breath (Prana), concentration (Dharana) and contentment (Santosha) of self as a way of acknowledging personal efforts and achievements without the pressure of competition.