Yoga for the Fitness Minded 

Our unique yoga combined with whole body vibration will tone your muscles and provide an experience like no other yoga class you have taken!

Shopping Center – Del Mar, CA

What Is VibeFlow Yoga?

VibeFlow Yoga, is a fresh yoga concept combining an immersive audio experience and whole-body vibration technology to create a yoga experience unlike any other. It truly is the best of traditional yoga combined with the health-enhancing effects of whole-body vibration.

VibeFlow Yoga:

A New Spin On An Ancient Tradition

A New Technology Applied

Whole Body Vibration in the 20hz to 60hz range is quickly becoming a recommended protocol by doctors in the areas of sports performance, anti-aging, recovery, and injury prevention.

Private Audio

The VFY instructors will guide you through the class with our specially designed audio system, allowing you to tune out all distractions, and focus on only one thing. You.

Yoga POSES matter...

Yoga has hundreds of traditional “systems” or “styles”. We take the poses that are most effective at generating a result, fastest.

Our newest class... VibeFlow Shred

VibeFlow Yoga introduces VibeFlow SHRED, the ultimate sculpt workout and yoga experience!





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