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What Is VibeFlow Yoga?

VibeFlow Yoga, is a fresh yoga concept combining an immersive audio experience and whole-body vibration technology to create a yoga experience unlike any other. It truly is the best of traditional yoga combined with the health-enhancing effects of whole-body vibration.

Three amazing class formats...

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VibeFlow Yoga:

A New Spin On An Ancient Tradition

A New Technology Applied

Whole Body Vibration in the 20hz to 60hz range is quickly becoming a recommended protocol by doctors in the areas of sports performance, anti-aging, recovery, and injury prevention.

Private Audio

During class, the instructor’s voice and music flow through the headsets. This audio immersion virtually tunes out all distractions enabling you to clearly hear the instructors’ cues. The result is that you are able to stay present and focus only on YOU.

Yoga POSES matter...

The tradition of Yoga has many systems and styles.  VibeFlow Yoga utilizes the poses that are the most effective at generating the best and fastest results.

Our newest class... VibeFlow Shred

VIBEFLOW SHRED…takes yoga sculpt to the next level!


Awesome team and great experience

Elizabeth C.

Excellent instructor & the vibration & sound control adds extra layers of goodness

Audrey S.

Amazing studio and the vibration plates take yoga to another level. I loved it!!!

Crystal L.

Vibe Flow is unique and I like doing unconventional workouts.

Kymberli C.

I enjoyed the class and the instructor

Sarah K.

Great instruction! Great Workout!

Cole K.

Was more challenging then I thought it would be which made for a new, different workout! Also all the staff were amazing and friendly

Shawn S.

Vibeflow is amazing!

Lisa B.

Great class, nice vinyasa flow that was tough but a good workout and flow to it

Hayley G.

I feel like the instructors care about your presence in being there! The equipments is high quality. The Cubs family is always receptive

Lastina L.

Great concept, teacher Joann was incredible! She is great in guiding the students through "Breath, name of the posture, cues", meaning: I didn't feel lost through her guidance not even once! She is great! I was a little skeptical about the headphones, however, it really improved my focus!

Karla S.

Best yoga studio, ever!

Dina S.

Friendly staff , great instructor! Great experience and workout

Leanna L.

Amazing studio!!

Lori C.

I've never been able to touch my fingertips to the floor but after a vibe yoga class I can!

Lisa C.

small class, tailored to the students

Jennifer H.

Great intense yoga

Jack S.

nice and competent instructor, nice staff, clean space

Holley M.

Very unique experience and amazing class! Can't find it anywhere else. I already recommended to all of my friends 🙂

Emily K.

Joann is a great instructor! The cleanliness of the studio and all around atmosphere!

Abigail C.

Excellent class. Wonderful and warm staff

Meredith T.

It was a great experience, the instructor was amazing , and I liked the atmosphere . Not to mention the vibration plates

Jennifer R.

Clean and sleek facility. Great instruction. Friendly instructor. Great music. Enjoyable experience. Great location. Amaze vibe, in general.

Julie C.

I always feel amazing after class and the headphones help keep my focus on me and not get distracted and they're actually really comfortable!

Ashley S.

Love everything about it

Nicole H.

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