The Workout

What is VibeFlow Yoga?

VibeFlow Yoga is a revolutionary Yoga concept that combines traditional yoga practice with whole body vibration and a unique audio immersion system. It is unlike any yoga experience you have had before!

How is VFY different?

VibeFlow Yoga is different in that 20 minutes of the 50 minute class is practiced with the vibration plates turned on to a frequency that is appropriate for the level of practice.  The combination of Whole Body Vibration Technology and individual audio headsets provide for an energizing and intimate experience.

Can I still do other types of fitness activities if I do VFY?

Absolutely!  VibeFlow Yoga is an excellent complement to other types of exercise. In fact, doing VFY can improve your strength and performance in other sports and activities.

When is it available?

The first VibeFlow Yoga studio opened on July 27, 2019 in Del Mar, CA

Where is it available?

In the One Paseo Shopping Center

Who is it for?

Almost everyone!  There are few medical conditions that are not recommended to interact with Whole Body Vibration Technology, however VibeFlow Yoga offers tremendous benefits for the vast majority of people looking to improve mobility, balance, focus, strength, and sculpt and tone their body.

What is Whole Body Vibration Technology (WBVT)?

WBVT in generic terms is when vibration of any frequency are transferred to the human body. The plates that are used at VibeFlow Yoga utilize vertical vibration and stimulate various processes in the body.  Our muscles are forced to contract 40% more than they normally would which makes us stronger and improves our balance.

Where is WBVT used outside of fitness?

WBVT is used in sports performance facilities and physical therapy clinics worldwide.  Space programs use WBVT to help astronauts maintain and improve bone density.

How often should I go to VFY?

VFY is safe to do daily or as a complement to your other fitness activities.  Our studio staff can make recommendations for you based on your individual goals.

What are the contraindications to doing VFY?

  • pregnancy
  • acute thrombosis
  • serious cardiovascular disease
  • pacemaker
  • recent wounds from an accident or surgery
  • hip and knee implants
  • acute hernia, discopathy, spondylolysis
  • severe diabetes
  • epilepsy
  • recent infections
  • severe migraine
  • tumors
  • recently placed intrauterine devices, metal pins or plates
  • kidney stones
  • organ failure
  • clinical conditions in which WBV is not indicated.

What is the difference between traditional Yoga vs VFY?

With the adoption of whole body vibration technology and semi-noise canceling headphones we have created a yoga practice that will revolutionize the practice and revitalize the experience, with benefits that are typically linked to interval training, increased strength and muscle tone.

What “style” of traditional yoga does VFY encompass?

Depending on the class level, you will be taking a power Hatha or Vinyasa flow.

Is this hot yoga?

Our rooms are heated to 80 degrees, but the Vibration Plates also warm up the body so you will feel increased heat as your plate frequency increases. This allows for a greater stretch and deeper pose.