VibeFlow Yoga Featured In The Del Mar Times

vibeflow yoga good vibrationsOne Paseo will celebrate its wellness month with a community event on Saturday, Feb. 1 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The event will include a free outdoor yoga class in front of lululemon lead by Vibe Flow Yoga, a DJ, wellness shots from ALCHEME health and a special activation with lifestyle and wellness influencer, Kim Underwood, known as @trackclubbabe. The event will also include pop-ups from One Paseo wellness- minded tenants as well as additional giveaways.

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VibeFlow Yoga Featured In The USA Today

It’s not the most original New Year’s resolution, but that doesn’t make it a bad one. Resolving to work out more is a noble goal made by people trying to better themselves.

Unfortunately, it also tends to become next year’s resolution when it doesn’t stick the first time around.

But maybe 2020 will be different. How? Well, you could start by switching things up with a fresh workout that brings you out of your comfort zone and shocks the system. Being scared burns extra calories, right?

For those looking to jumpstart their fitness plans, here are 10 trends to try in 2020.

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VibeFlow Yoga Featured In The Pacific

Pacific VibeflowyogaAs a self-declared fitness enthusiast, I was skeptical to try a Jazzercise class because I didn’t think it would be much of a workout. But our 2020 team resolution was to try a new fitness class so “new year, new me” was in full effect.

For those who don’t know about Jazzercise (no, it’s not a new millennial trend), it’s a high-energy workout class that combines cardio and strength set to pop music. I went to the 9 a.m. class at Jazzercise San Diego College Area on El Cajon Boulevard. Our instructor, Monica, was a high-spirited young woman who cracked jokes while jamming out to the song lyrics.

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VibeFlow Yoga Featured In The San Diego Magazine

vibeflow yoga good vibrationsThe longer I’m a writer—meaning the longer I sit at a desk—the more my body craves a good stretch. Yoga’s proved to be the best medicine for this.

When I caught wind of a new yoga concept in Carmel Valley that promised to not only leave me feeling loose but also sore (in a good way) the next day, I couldn’t resist seeing what this double whammy was all about.

VibeFlow Yoga, launched by San Diegan and Orangetheory Fitness franchisee Billy Borja, literally shakes up your flow by incorporating 20 minutes of whole body vibration technology into your 50-minute class. It’s the first yoga studio ever to use the tech, Borja says.

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VibeFlow Yoga Featured In The Del Mar Times

vibeflow yoga good vibrationsBilly Borja is hoping to shake things up in the yoga world with his new fitness studio concept VibeFlow Yoga in One Paseo. Borja’s creation, “where tradition meets technology,” pairs yoga practice with a proprietary studio floor that incorporates Whole Body Vibration Technology, challenging yogis with vertical vibrations as they move through a yoga practice.

Targeting a June 24 opening, VibeFlow will be offering free yoga classes the next three Saturdays—May 25, June 1 and June 8 at 9 a.m. in front of Salt & Straw at One Paseo.

“We want the community to know who we are and what we do,” Borja said of the yoga practice which also involves the use of headsets to provide a unique audio immersion. Borja believes that yoga is the perfect complement to any fitness regimen.

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VibeFlow Yoga featured in the Carmel Valley

vibeflow yoga officeVibe Flow Yoga celebrated a ribbon cutting with the San Diego Coastal Chamber of Commerce on Friday, July 26.

At One Paseo, founder Billy Borja has created a unique yoga practice that incorporates whole body vibration technology and noise canceling headphones. Inside the two studios, yogis practice on a proprietary floor with vibration plates under each individual yoga mat. The whole body vibration has many benefits, including getting the body’s muscles firing 40 times greater than traditional yoga. The headsets create a fully-immersive experience, allowing yogis to clearly hear the music and the instructor’s voice as well as block out any distractions.

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VibeFlow Yoga featured in the falconer

girl doing yogaVibeFlow Yoga is in a quaint building nestled into a corner of One Paseo. I walked in to find the typical yoga environment: a clean, minimal aesthetic. However, when I entered the initial class briefing that described what would happen during the session, the typical yoga studio vibe was peeled back to reveal the high tech, innovative reality of VibeFlow.

I went into this class thinking I was going to receive the type of yoga lessons that I had experienced in middle school P.E.: a group of 50 kids struggling to hold poses while my concerned teacher tried her best to correct our positions. Instead, I encountered vibrating plates and glowing noise cancelling headphones.

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VibeFlow Yoga featured in the World Yoga News

vibeflow yoga officeVibeFlow Yoga is a first-of-its-kind yoga studio that incorporates Whole Body Vibration Technology (WBVT) and a unique audio immersion experience into the traditional yoga practice.

During VibeFlow Yoga classes, 20 minutes of the 50 minute class is practiced with the vibration plates turned on to a frequency that is appropriate for the level of practice. The plates that are used at VibeFlow Yoga are built into a proprietary studio floor using vertical vibration to stimulate various processes in the body. Muscles contract thousands more times than they normally would, thus increasing strength and improving balance.

Whole Body Vibration Technology in the 20hz to 60hz range is quickly becoming a recommended protocol by experts in the areas of sports performance, anti-aging, recovery, and injury prevention.

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VibeFlow Yoga featured in the Union Tribune

VibeFlow Yoga studio launches at One Paseo

San Diego native Billy Borja has opened a VibeFlow Yoga studio in the One Paseo shopping center. The yoga practice incorporates Whole Body Vibration Technology and an audio immersion experience. VibeFlow Yoga incorporates plates built into a proprietary studio floor that use vertical vibration to stimulate the body. Muscles contract thousands more times than they normally would, thus increasing strength and improving balance. During the 50-minute sessions, 20 minutes are done with vibration plates set at a frequency appropriate for beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Depending on the level, VibeFlow Yoga uses either Power Hatha or Vinyasa Flow yoga styles. Rooms are slightly heated and the vibration plates also warm the body, allowing greater stretch and deeper poses. Instructors guide classes through a specially designed audio system. Borja is a martial artist, and also owns three Orangetheory Fitness locations.

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VibeFlow Yoga featured in the Business Journal

Vibration Plates Shake Up Yoga


vibeflow yoga office There are plenty of traditional yoga studios in San Diego to choose from, but if you search for studios that use vibration plates as part of their practice, you will only find one.

VibeFlow Yoga, which uses vibration plates that claim to help with blood flow, joint pain, balance and coordination, among other benefits, according to founder and CEO Billy Borja, opened at One Paseo in Carmel Valley midsummer. Placed on the floor/under the user’s feet, the plates vibrate between 20Hz to 60Hz, or three levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). Yogis are provided noise cancellation headphones that play music and the instructor’s voice, as well as help minimize the sound of the plates’ vibrations on the floor, Borja said. Classes cost $30/hour and there are membership options based on attendance frequency that range from $9 to $20 per session.

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